Monday, 14 March 2011

Predator FAIL. Day 3

Rapala SSR-14
After the previous day's chub struggle I decided to take the new bushwhacker rod out for a spin.  It was very sunny and I didn't expect too much.   And that was correct.  No takers at Donington bridge so I headed up to the North Oxford Angling Society section of Thames above the a34.  More for a nice walk on a beautiful day than anything.

I tried Salmo sliders (Ace small jerkbait) but it didn't feel right.  I carry a couple of Rapala Super Shad Raps (Expensive large balsa plug) in my bag but rarely use them.  I'd had a few takes on them on this stretch in the past and so clipped one on and watched £14-worth of plug splashdown very close to the far bank reeds.
It looked just like that one.  First cast a hit!  The plug was grabbed by a pike about half way back to me in a straight section just below Kings weir.   Now here's a mistake I often make but usually get away with.  The shock of the take means I forget to actually set the hook.  This time was no exception.  What felt like a decent fish made a couple short runs taking some line off the clutch and putting a nice bend in the (lovely) Bushwhacker 8ft rod.   The fish quickly came to the surface and I saw it briefly and guessed it at about 8lb.  Then it shook its head, the hook came out, and the bastard were gone.  Lesson learned.  Always bang the hooks in even if its been a solid hit.  After a couple more casts I put the SSR inot the reeds opposite.  And pulled to release it only for the trace to give way leaving £14 stuck in the far bank. - B0ll0ck5
And that was all the action for Sunday.  Only one day left.  The couple guys I spoke to fishing were struggling and I think the flow had slackened off still further.  It doesn't bode well for the final day.

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