Sunday, 13 March 2011

End of season fishtacular. Session 2: Döbelnacht.

A Döbelschwarm today.

Guten Abend und herzlich willkommen auf. Die Nacht der Döbel. Mit Keine fuckin döbel.  This was to be a follow up session to Friday's productive chub mission on the Thames.  Night of the chub.

Saturday dawned bright and clear and remained that way all morning.  I was pretty chubbed out after the previous day's exertions so I popped down on my bike at lunchtime to see what was what.  A few people were fishing including Andrew Nellist but he'd only had one chub and bites were hard to come by in the clearing water and bright sunshine.  I resolved to fish near dark and went down town to buy some books/shirts etc.
I arrived at the Punter at about 16:00 and set up my Carbonactive super feeder rod with a stealth night tip I'd made by fixing an isotope to a no2 quiver tip that I'd previously broken.  The Carbonactive was better at casting the small feeders than my usual Drennan chub rod. (At double the price it should be)  I needed to cut down a couple micro feeders to 3-4g weights as the flow had eased since the previous day.  In the first swim I visited I was getting roach bites and managed to land roach of 12oz and 1lb.  That was about the most excitement all session as the only other things I got was a 2.5lb chub around dark and then a long wait before any more bites.
21:30: I fished opposite a moored boat in one of the productive swims from yesterday but waited almost 30mins for a bite.  I hooked into something weighty which then began to yield quite quickly.  I suspected a bream but the hook pulled as I had eased it out in front of me and I never saw the fish in the dark.   I recast my bread bait and got another bite which I did land but it was a silver bream about 12oz.  Or was it a skimmer?  It had a pinkish tint to the large eyes so We'll call it a silver bream because thats more exciting than a small snotter. 
And that was that.  Very disappointing after fishing until 22:30.   I think the flow slackened off even more through the session and perhaps that was putting the fish off.
Döbelnacht?  No sign of a Döbelschwarm.  Böllöcksnacht more like.

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