Friday, 11 March 2011

End of season chub spectacular. Day one. Oxford.

Armed with valuable chub location intelligence from last week it was back to the Thames down Oxford. With the river season ending in 3 days chub are at their best and I was looking to get some chub under my belt and maybe get my first 6lb one.

I'd taken the Friday and Monday off work to make the most of the,tradionally excellent, late season chub fishing.  Friday and I had the river to myself apart from the usual layabouts and hermless types you meet down the river on a weekday.  Trundling bread feeder was the approach and I had to chop one of the micro feeders down to about 7g to get the desired movement in the reduced flow.
First stop was a couple swims by the watermans pub midday. I was getting small bites which I was missing. I guessed it was small fish. It was roach. Eventually I got a tapping bite and hooked & landed a chub about 2.5lb.
Moving on downstream I fished a couple swims but only got a roach or two until pitching up behind the ice rink for a chub around 4lb. I've just counted how many swims I fished and its far too many to detail each one here.  Some of the ones I expected good things from failed to produce a bite whereas some seemed to be full of fish with numerous bites.  I was not hitting them well and was missing about 3 in 4 to begin with.
Fishing from midday to 9pm I hit 14 swims (too many to describe) and ended up with a couple more 5lb chub and a 4lb 12 with assorted roach.   Thats hard work for 4 decent chub but well worth it I thought.  I'm all chubbed out today so have been down to Fat Phil's to replace a few of the feeders I lost and put some decent line (Silstar Match - Nellist recommended) on my reel after tangles and tree-related crack offs left it underfilled and casting poorly.

Here's a pic of the best chub which went about 5lb 3 and came well after dark from a swim I shared with a young couple 'from the estate' who were having a discussion which I pulled my hood up to avoid overhearing.  "I'll tell 'er sister she's on the game".  They were pleasant enough when they spoke to me to be fair.
All 3 of the 4.5lb plus fish put up a good scrap and were fat fish in good condition.   All-in-all a good start to the end of season chubathon.

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