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Lure Review: Northland Reed-Runner

Reed-runner reed-runner.  Going faster miles an hour..   *

Reed-runner once..

Time for a tackle review.  At the Lure Anglers Society lurefair recently I visited the stall of Franglais Fishing  As well as an ace Dahlberg Diver Frog lure I purchased a Northland Reed-Runner magnum spinnerbait in 'Bass' colour as seen in the picture.

I am a recent convert to spinnerbaits and have got my PB pike of over 25lb on one.  Since then I have got through quite a few of the excellent value ones produced by Jennifields tackle (see link section) and had a fair few pike on them.   I had read somewhere that the reed-runner is a good American spinnerbait and was having a good old money spending session at Lurefair so added the reed-runner to the bulging bag 'o lures.

The reed-runner magnum is not actually that "MAGNUM" being only 3/4 oz in weight and smaller than the 1oz ones I typically use.  I guess to an American bass fisherman that is big.  The spinnerbait is made from quality materials and the head is a bit different to the picture.being a bit larger and quite wide.  I like the factory fitted trailer hook which sits nicely on the main hook without the need for bits of tube to hold it in place.  What sets it apart from other spinnerbaits for me is the skirt.  One of the sets of rubber strands are flattened and wavy.  This really seems to give the bait more volume and movement when in the water.  The eye to attach the trace is a proper closed twisted one too.  I do not see the point of the the open ones found on a lot of American spinnerbaits.

Manufacturer's blurb on the product is here.. ('Northern pike' is American for 'pike')


So for twice the price of the Jennifields equivalent how good is it?

I first chucked it into a very weedy gravel pit after all else had failed.  The weed in this pit is the dreaded Canadian pondweed variety and grows from the 10 foot deep bottom all the way up to a couple feet below the surface and is everywhere.  In Summer I usually try to work lures above this mess but that hadn't worked on this occasion so I thought I'd try something right down in the weed.

A couple short casts to watch the action of the reed-runner were encouraging with the skirt moving nicely and the willow blades giving some good flash if not that much vibration up the rod.   I guessed from the name that it ought to be good through weed and snags so out into the weed jungle it went.

No bait with hooks is truly 'weedless' but the reed runner comes very close.  On occasions it would hang up - usually when it had tangled with the trace on the cast and wasn't working right anyway.  Most of the time it would all go very heavy as it delved into the weed but, by simply continuing to turn the reel handle, the miraculous spinnerbait would keep going through without collecting any weed until the resumption of vibration indicated it had come into clear water and the hammered blades were spinning again.

I fished it again recently through the weed for an hour or so and it really makes ones arms ache and puts quite a lot of stress on the reel.  You will end up dragging out a fair bit of weed but the lure is working for you more often than not.

Reed-runner twice..

Brilliant.  I was slightly suspicious of the semi-fixed trailer hook and thought that would increase snagging but it appears to do nothing of the sort and should be left on as an aid to hooking. (Hooking not being one of spinnerbaits' strengths).

2nd or 3rd cast and deep in the weed I got my first hit from a jack and soon had it up to the surface where it threw the hook.  'Thats buggered it" I thought but cast back out to the same spot straight away hoping that the jack was a suicidal one and a couple casts later another solid hit slightly closer in saw a jack brought to the bank.  I think it was a different one as surely the first one would have been put off its spinnerbaits by one dragging it to the surface and then escaping?  Two hits and one fish within 5 minutes of first trying it.  That settles it for me.

The Northland Reed-Runner.  Brilliant in weed and attractive to pike.  I'm getting some more.

* the title is homage to one of my favourite songs ever.

The Modern Lovers (with Jonathan Richman) - Road Runner.  

Radio on!

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