Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dead man's plugs & Hands across the canal.

Top to bottom:  Savage-Gear 13cm soft 4-play, Bagley Kill-R BII, Heddon Zara Spook,
Chub Creek Pikie (note Teeth marks by middle hook), Mepps Lusox.
 I nipped into Predator tackle shop in Kidlington for some maggots and Tony was selling off the lure collection of an angler who had passed away. Presumably on behalf of the widow.
Never one to pass up a lure bargain I picked out...
a Mepps Lusox (brilliant French spinner)
a Heddon Zara Spook topwater lure, small Creek chub pikie & a Bagleys Kill-R B.(all classic US lures)
All mint for £12! Ace.

I hit the canal at Wolvercote immediately as I was going to try out my new savage-gear soft 4plays.
The medium firetiger 4play was given a good few chucks but I felt that the silent sinuous action wasn't  obnoxious enough for the coloured canal.
I decided to try the classic 4" pikie and cast it back tight to the far bank where I had already worked the 4-play. As soon as I began the retrieve and the pikie crankbait began its gentle waddling progress it was nailed by a jack pike of 3 or 4lb which I easily subdued and returned. I then fished the pikie until, about 80 yards down, I got it caught on a small branch on the far bank and went to drag it free only for the wire trace to break at the top swivel.
Normally I swear and move swiftly on when I lose a lure. I felt different because it was a recently deceased man's plug that had just caught me a pike. It felt disrespectful leaving it there. I looked for ways to recover it from where it dangled invitingly, but could think of nothing short of stripping off & going in after it.
I was about to hail a passing narrowboat for help but a more useful target hove into view coming from Oxford direction. Now canoeists and anglers are natural enemies but the approaching canoe was manned(?) By 2 nice ladies so I grasped the opportunity to flip the script and actually benefit from canoeing in my swim.  I politely asked them to retrieve my thingy from the bush opposite and they very kindly did. 
So I did my bit for fishing/canoeing relations, got a great lure bargain, and caught a pike on a dead man's plug.  All in an hour and a half.

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