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Restaurant Review: On the Hill - Ruthin

My new favourite restaurant
I've been working away a lot in the last few weeks and no fishing has been happening.  As well as fishing I also enjoy eating a lot.  True in both interpretations of the sentence.  So, to further the diversity of D.Heaps Fishing Adventures blog, here is a restaurant review.

On the Hill
One experience which many people find uncomfortable is eating alone in a restaurant.  I would say that I used to but I have to do it so often when I am working away from home that it does not upset me anymore.  Indeed, it can be a very pleasant experience as just happened to me while working in Ruthin, Denbighshire.

Having looked in to 'On the Hill' when it was closed on a Monday on a previous visit and been aroused by the menu I was determined to have dinner there on my recent 3 day stay in Ruthin.

Tuesday night they were busy as usual but I managed to get a table for 8:30.  I was given the table in the window which was ideal for a person alone.  I went straight in to the main course with the dover sole fillets stuffed with crab pate on citrus-buttered samphire with sauteed brown shrimps.  A generous ration of beautifully seasoned sauteed potatoes with onion helped the 3 rolled up fish objects fill me up.  All of this was graciously presented by the very sweet and attentive staff.  The restaurant is small/twee/sort of rustic and is full all the time and I was not the only person to immediately book a table for the following evening before leaving.  For dessert I opted for the mini selecta of their home made desserts.  There was a lovely white chocolate vanilla & black cherry cheesecake. A Baileys profiterole, which was the first decent use I've ever found for Baileys. Some sticky toffee pudding and a dear little creme brulee.  All of it was home made, delightful and I was utterly replete.  All of this came to a very reasonable £25 including a large glass of not-bad white wine and a soft drink.
The following night I booked in for 7pm in order to view the Spurs-Arsenal derby game afterwards.  I was warmly greeted by name and shown to the same table.  This time I wanted a starter and main and had kicked off with the special king prawn and queen scallop gratin done with gruyere cheese.  This came with some sunflower bread toast and was quite delightful.  I'm not a huge fan of prawn but the gratin was delicious with the salty gruyere cheese giving it some excitement.  Main course was the beef brisket carbonnade with cream spinach.  This was wonderful and was the most (only?) enjoyment I've ever had from spinach in my life.

Bale is felled by Szczesny in ace N London derby.

I wasn't too sorry to miss the first few minutes of the football (1-2 after 12 mins. Finishing 3-3 and the game of the season!) because I felt that I was having a very special dinner.

All in all I would recommend On the Hill without reservation. But I would recommend that you DO make a reservation as its deservedly busy. I only hope that work can find more for me to do in Ruthin but I would make a detour if I was anywhere near Denbighshire.  The staff were very lovely and every detail of the dining experience was attended to by them.  It is clear that the owners have a great thing going and, in my opinion were doing everything right.  Have a look at
To see the many glowing reviews.

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