Sunday, 23 March 2014

Never get out of the boat. - Guyana : November 2013

Guyana : November 2013

British Guyana stamp featuring an Arapaima
and her Majesty the Queen
(it looks like she can smell it)

Having sat on my allowance of holiday days all year, some other travel plans fell through so I started seriously thinking about fishing in the Amazon.   To fish here has been a dream of mine from the wilderness years between the ages of 17-37 when I had stopped fishing in favour of other pursuits.  I remember seeing a BBC Attenborough nature documentary about the Amazon where a little guy perches on the front of his canoe in a little creek and attaches a feather and a hook to the end of a whippy stick.   He proceeds to wiggle this about just under the water for a few seconds and WHAM.  He hauls out a large peacock bass.  I thought to myself that 'that has got to be a great place to go fishing'.

Peacock Bass
Many years later in September 2013 I found myself fortunate enough to have holiday, money in the bank and a rekindled love of fishing.  Previous fishing holidays to India had turned out to be wonderful experiences so I began to seriously look into living the dream and fishing the mighty Amazon.