Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hosted article: Rohu fishing at KRS by Pete Carroll

As a departure from the usual format of me gloating about what I've caught I am proud to present an article by my friend Pete Carroll.  Regular readers will recognise Pete from the Indian mahseer fishing articles.  Pete is based in India and, with Joe, has been pioneering fishing in the vast Krishna Raja Sagara dam at Mysore.  I've never caught a rohu but I have enjoyed eating one that someone else caught at Kabini.  Over to you Peter.

Rohu fishing at KRS
Joe with a good rohu
Let me start these tales of worldwide ‘derring do’ by telling you of my humble angling background. I have fished for longer than I can remember, my father was a fanatical angler and he gave me no choice, I was always going to be a fisherman whether I liked it or not. My earliest fishing memory is as a four year old, I was left standing, holding a rod, on a rock in the middle of Rydal Water and was literally nearly dragged into the depths by a vicious toothy pike that probably weighed in at a massive 5 pounds.  After this traumatic event if my father and Uncle Vic announced they were going pike fishing I would decline the invitation to join them.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Two PB fish in 8 days. February 2013

Three months later I've finally got something to write about.  Most anglers have targets in terms of  sizes of different fish that they wish to achieve but it is important to enjoy the fishing rather than obsess about these targets.  Three big ones for me that I had yet to realise were the 2lb roach, 3lb perch and 6lb chub.  Fish larger than these live in the rivers around where I live in Oxford.  In about 7 hours of fishing in the last 8 days I have just beaten 2 of these and am very happy indeed.

If you know chub you will like the look of this classic swim
Smooth water in between turbulent runs with a big snag at the end.